diumenge, 9 de desembre de 2012

Jiaying Li-Chao Tian Men Urban design in Chongqing

The first day class we visited the Montjuic Park, the professor introduced how the local geography and history affect the territory form of Montjuic. I want to introduce a little bit about Chao Tian Men CBD urban design in Chongqing.

Chaotianmen is located at the junction of the Yangtze River and Jialing River, Chongqing City, lapel with two rivers, broad river, vying; barriers on three sides, the terrain on both sides gradually downward sloping line stone steps along the mountain and on, the momentum is extremely majestic. Chaotianmen 314 BC, Qin the Berkshire Hathaway city built after Zhang Yi perish Pakistan built. The early Ming Dai Ding expansion Chongqing Old City, according to the the Jiugong gossip of the number 17 made ​​the gates, the largest city gate that Chaotianmen. The door Uehara books four characters: "Gu Yu Xiongguan. Chaotianmen, the officer then emperor sacred place for the history, said the ancient emperor emperor therefore the name.

In 1927, Chongqing, a city in order to expand the size of the cities, and solve the problem of narrow streets and traffic congestion, Chongqing Modern municipal building, its content expansion pier and widen the road, the old building, including walls, including the gatehouse and Housingbatch removed, the original urban pattern change accelerates, the Chaotianmen its traffic on the importance of the first to become a large dismantling under construction, the first one was demolished the gates.
Henceforth, there are at least 550 years of history, a symbol of the ancient city of Chongqing --- Chaotianmen tower disappeared from the earth, and even the gates did not leave a photo.
The government hold a big international competition in China, which is located within the land of 11.7 hectares in the south of Chaotianmen Square, Yuzhong District, Chongqing. The land is about 440m long from south to north and about 530m wide from east to west. The lowest elevation is about 180m, and the highest is about 228m, with the maximum elevation difference of about 48m. The land is connected with Chaotianmen Square and Chongqing Planning Exhibition Gallery in the north. Its east-west side about 350m in length is beside the river, respectively opposite Nanbin Road and Jiangbei Town. In the south, it is adjacent to Donghewan, Chongqing Grain Reserve and Transportation Company, No. 9 Business Hotel, Chongqing Sugar & Liquor Co., Golden Ocean Market, KeiLeung Mansion, and Haike Yingzhou. Along the east-west direction of the site beside the river, the project land is connected to Changbin Road, Jiabin Road and Chaoqian Road in the south, to form the main channel to the project location from the lower urban area. In the central section of the south, the project land is connected to Xinhua Road and Shaanxi Road, to form the main channel to the project location from the upper urban area.  They want to create Positioned as the image symbol and emblem of Chongqing, the project embodies “Window of Chongqing, Door of West China” and represents the construction model of Chongqing as the source of Yangtze River economy and inland open center to show the openness and sailing attitude. Based on the existing urban tissue and landscape structure of Yuzhong Peninsula.
To me,  this proposal is waste of taxpayers' money, to do a face-saving projects. They should use the construction funds in a meaningful way.