dilluns, 10 de desembre de 2012

Jiaying-Li Nansen Park reconstruction landscape in Oslo

I remembered the day we visited a forest on the mountain in suburban district of Barcelona. I asked my partner why we visited here, he explained maybe we forest is very special and precious in barcelone. So I just walked in the forest and climbed the mountain for the whole morning. I study in Olso, it is familiar for North European designer to treat nature in the most “nature” way. it is seldom to visit a large public reconstruction project in Norway, but the forest landscape walking remind me to Nansen Park reconstruction landscape design in Oslo. 60 years ago, when the airport has not been in this expansion, Fornebu is a very beautiful and well-tended gardens. Airport expansion, after a variety of natural facilities are eradicated, the mound was bombed flat, low-lying land is filled in the bay and inlet blocked. The original landscape only airport runway peripheral leaving little residual. Therefore, the design of the park at the airport before the runway can not be changed before the garden between the formation of the contact.

Nansen Park is about 200,000 square meters, will provide the public with a fascinating activities gatherings, leisure locations, on three sides of it are adjacent to the the Oslo Gulf (OsloFjord). Open garden, the distant mountain contours give people a strong sense of calm, independent and open area will also try to integrate into the new garden. We hope that the park has a unique personality, and at the same time giving a simple and casual feel.


    Park a new starting point for the construction of Terminal from the older airport control tower and the south tower Square building become an important park entrance. The water system from north to south extending throughout the park water system design are also against the background of the diversity between the linear and natural landscape, but also highlights the pond, trickling brook or a small waterfall. Waters at the beginning of a narrow ditch, a steel frame in the ditches, water flowing down through this ditch by a 1.5-meter-wide cement made waterway. Then, the water and from here flows into a larger pool, and finally into the center of the lake of 6000 square meters. Most of the water is crystal clear, and is then pumped back to the tower plaza. The Nansen Park surface water from the surrounding residential area and road areas, Park also built many open green depressions, these depressions water into the center of the lake. The increased ecological sand filters, mechanical filters and pumps to ensure the quality of the water.

    Ribbon promenade

    Holiday Plaza, and ribbon promenade located in the northwest of the center of the pool surface. The ribbon promenade by various material formed by the pressing method, reference of a the Fornebu of CambriumSilur unique geological features, and intimate contact with the lake through the wide granite steps down to the lake. Promenade next to the one made by Kebony / Wisorwood wood platform, the platform next to a bright cement road, the road next to a gravel-paved path, the path on either side of two rows of willow, the gravel road leading to the park outside of the grass.

    Holiday Plaza

    Place the ground by a large section of granite paved, the size of each section of 2.4x1.6 meters. Square south ground and slowly tilt into the lake. Lake has many artistic slate, interval period of water equipped with a nozzle so that water can flow to the inclined plane. The removable steel facilities can let the kids play on the lake.
    The square can perform a variety of repertoire, as well as a quiet lounge area. Square, next to a coffee shop, the cafe's walls and doors are made of glass. At the other end of the lake, we reserve the right section of the original Fornebu Mountain area of ​​this zone is the waves, in contrast with linear shape of the ribbon promenade. Here and other places to keep small hill, trying to save the original vegetation of this area.

    The outwardly extending seven road width varies, ranging from 30 meters to 100 meters, allows people to reach each green area. Different regions have different activities facilities; volleyball court with a rubber surface of the playground, large climbing net.

    State of the Environment

    The ecological status is the basis of the whole transformation process. Clean up contaminated land, re-use of asphalt and cement, compost nourishes the land, and the formation of a new soil cultivated plants. A lot of dirt and rock were moved to the the Fornebu area, the original airport plains transformed into garden zone with layering and different heights. All maintenance and renovation in the park are based on ecological principles and Park will soon be put into use.

    The project has special significance for Norway, and we are looking forward to want to know the adjacent housing market is allowed to join these facilities, this park near the new residents and park users will be able to participate in this beautiful park.